Arts Educators in Residence

Arts Educators in Residence invites practitioners from the fields of Arts Education to reimagine and co-create alternative, regenerative strategies and methods in Arts Education during documenta fifteen.

One of the manifestations of CAMP notes on education will unfold through the Arts Educators in Residence program, inviting practitioners form the fields of Arts Education to Kassel for one of three residency periods of 4 weeks each taking place during the 100 days of documenta fifteen.

Fellows are invited to share their approaches, develop pedagogical frameworks and realize their own educational projects during their stay. Arts Educators in Residence maintains the goal to provide a liminal space for a multiplicity of perspectives, autonomous, non-institutional, embodied and intergenerational forms of collective learning and re-imagine educational futures.

CAMP notes on education encourages an exchange of knowledges, approaches, and experiences among participants and nurture collective capacities that appear at the intersection of practice and communing. This is an invitation to connect to experiences and ponder upon new questions, critical and cross-cultural inquiries that interconnect with both practical and theoretical threads. The fellows will work together to reflect collectively on their practices and evaluate their actions in collaborative structures.

CAMP notes on education wishes to acknowledge the valuable support of the Crespo Foundation.

Cover Skizze: Nikolaus Hirsch / Michel Müller.