Dates of the lectures and speakers


12-1.30 p.m.

Antje Budde (Toronto/Canada)
Learning. Pleasure. Agency. Notes on A/I (artistic intelligence) and digital dramaturgy as experimental performance.

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Emily Akuno (Nairobi/Kenya)
Music Education in Kenya – Persistent Thoughts by Emily Achieng’ Akuno

Mary Clare Kidenda (Nairobi/Kenya)
The Role of Competency-Based Education and Training to Enhance the Quality of Design Practice and Planning in Jua Kali artisan’s Skills as a  Community of Learners in Kenya

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Samuel Ravengai (Zimbabwe/South Africa)
Postcolonialism and Arts Education: African Perspectives

Milena Valeva (Bulgaria)
Nonprofit-Organisations and sustainable regional development on the example of the Bulgarian Chitalishte

Yongfei Du (China&Germany) 
The Belt and Road Initiative: Contemporary Cultural Projects in China

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Patrique deGraft-Yankson & Osuanyi Quaicoo Essel (Winneba/Ghana)
In search for definition: Investigation into the Concept and Context of Ghanaian art

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Meriam Bousselmi (Tunisia) 
The Mergoum Protocol: Typically Tunisian, (A)typically German?
On Cross-Cultural Exchange

Charlene Rajendran (Singapore)
Listening to Performances of Difference: Negotiating Multiplicity with Dialogic Empathy

Chee-Hoo Lum (Singapore)
Sounding out Matters of the Nation through Visual Arts Education:
Pedagogical Cues from Singapore Contemporary Artists.

Timo Jokela (Finland)
North and the Arctic as a laboratory for sustainable art education:  revitalizing Indigenous and Northern knowledge systems

Avi Sooful (Pretoria/South Africa)
Images of defiance: South African anti-apartheid t-shirts

Pepetual Mforbe (Yaounde/ Cameroon)
From the “art of places” to “the place of art”: decolonization of culture and development of a transcultural dialogue

Paul Henri Souvenir Assako Assako (Yaounde/ Cameroon)
People Theatre: Journeying through Experiences of Critical Awareness and Consciousness-raising