Pre-Texts for Artists and Other Educators – A New Fluxus to Flourish

Lecture   05.07.2022
Online Streaming
5 - 7 pm
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In preparation for their documenta fifteen training series Pre-Texts will hold their preparation session via Zoom hosted by CAMP notes on education.

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Pre-Texts is a simple and scalable arts protocol that offers communities necessary skills for flourishing. These include literacy, creative/critical thinking, and civics. Each skillset drives the others in a holistic dynamic with a single prompt: “Make art from this text and reflect on the process.” Curiosity drives creativity which engages emotions and social communication; and communication stimulates curiosity. The approach will be familiar from some, often elite, practices today, but it revives an ancient spirit of education. In classical times, school meant leisure, literally. Skholé (σχολή) still names free time in modern Greek and uses words like school, école, escuela, scuola, Schule, etc. Recovering this arts-based platform to democratize education will recognize that everyone is or can be an artist. 

The Pre-Texts pedagogy distills millennial lessons for the range of artists to facilitate low-cost, high impact, education for all. During this introductory session taking place on July 5, 2022 via Zoom hosted by CAMP notes on education and preparing for the documenta fifteen training series from August, 2 – 5,2022, participants experience how a facilitator initiates activities: dance, song, painting, costumes, storyboards, soundtracks, puppets, sketches, pantomime, sculpture, riddles, crossword-puzzles, cartoon strips, rap, murals, etc. We can develop a loose Fluxus collective with varied practices and a shared objective: to support human flourishing.

The uncluttered elegance of Pre-Texts makes it agile, efficient. Any text will do, and so will any art form. Participants can dance a chemistry lesson as well as a narrative conflict. They can photograph plants or buildings and reflect on the effects of perspective, which will help to explore history texts. Learning by making art promotes ownership of lessons through the pleasures of discovery. 


Pre-Texts ist ein einfaches und skalierbares Kunstprotokoll im Workshop-Format, das Gemeinschaften Fähigkeiten zum Florieren vermittelt. Dazu gehören Lese- und Schreibfähigkeiten, kreatives/kritisches Denken und staatsbürgerliche Partizipationskenntnisse. Jede dieser Fähigkeiten fördert die anderen in einer ganzheitlichen Dynamik mit einer einzigen Aufforderung: “Mache Kunst aus diesem Text und denke über den Prozess nach. Die Neugier treibt die Kreativität an, die Emotionen und soziale Kommunikation anspricht, und die Kommunikation regt wiederum die Neugier an. 

Bildcredit: Book covers, Bahamas, US. Credit: ©2022, Pre-Text