Insects of the world

Exhibition   12.09.2022 - 17.09.2022
Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 23, 34117 Kassel
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The insect project is an ongoing project by the Icelandic group of pupils from the Erasmus+_group within CAMP notes on education. The students will be working on the project at various hours around other events of the Erasmus-project. While they are working, it is possible to visit the exhibition and see the work from the inside, but as the drawings are placed on the windows, they can also be seen from the outside at any time.

Insects of the world are a huge community of small creatures that people have mixed feelings about. Some are scary, ugly or possibly dangerous, others are beautiful and fascinating. The insects from our own environment seem ordinary, but the ones that are unfamiliar make us curious or even afraid. 

Drawing the insects on a glass wall is an attempt to capture the transparency and mystique of their evermoving world, communities and life within ours. 

Each insect is a small being but when many come together and fill up a space, form a cloud or cover a field they become one entity.

Insects are also interesting as they have different shapes and forms, they can inspire abstract drawings as well as figurative interpretations of their alien bodies.

Photo: Students working on the insect project at the glass pavillion. Names of students: Sindri Kristinsson and Torfi Sveinn Ásgeirsson. Photo: Guðrún H. Sigurðardóttir (teacher).

Title photo: Students working on the insect project at the glass pavillion. Photo: Guðrún Gröndal (teacher).